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Our product demo runs on testnet and allows you to quickly get an overview of the main product features and functionalities before deciding to set up your own Proxeus instance. Test your blockchain use case by creating documents, registering them, and having them audited and signed by relevant third parties.

To the Demo Platform

Please note that the demo platform data is deleted automatically every Wednesday at 11pm (CET). You may save your workflows for later use at any time using the export function.


Get started with Proxeus!

The library contains support documentation, user guides and example walkthroughs, as well as helpful and video tutorials created by the product team in order to help your first workflow quickly and easily.



Template Handbook

Guide - Education Diploma


A team of Proxeus developers and product specialists can be reached at if you encounter any issue. Please make sure to read the FAQ before opening a ticket.

We are looking to expand our support team - if you are interested to provide technical or product support to other community members on a voluntary basis, send us a brief note to learn more.


Build your first workflow

In this video you will learn how to create forms, add/configure form components, create/test (*.ODT) templates, and connect these elements to build a basic Proxeus workflow in just a few minutes

Create and manage documents

This video guides you through the process of creating a document, registering it on the blockchain, verifying its authenticity and sending/accepting signature requests from other Proxeus users.


What is Proxeus?

Often dubbed as the “Wordpress of blockchain”, Proxeus is a tool aiming to simplify the development of document-centered blockchain applications.

What use cases can be built with the product?

The set up features and functionalities offered allows to quickly prototype a large range of blockchain applications. Have a look at the use cases we have been working on over the last years for some inspiration.

What is the role of the XES token in the overall framework?

XES is the utility token used to facilitate transactions across the Proxeus ecosystem. Workflow creators can decide to make their work available externally, for free or for a fee. Workflows published on a platform can be purchased by consumers on a pay-per-use basis.

How can I use the application?

If you are interested to test the Proxeus platform, a demo application with limited functionalities is available on testnet.

If you are a developer and would like to install Proxeus, please check the developer section of the website.

How can I get started on the test platform?

The following apps are needed to use Proxeus.


Google Chrome

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser. Other MetaMask- compatible browsers may work, too.



MetaMask is required for processing your payments for our services. Proxeus also allows you to log in using your Ethereum wallet instead of a password. You can download MetaMask directly from here.


Document Editor

Proxeus templates must be created in the OpenDocument Text format with the “.ODT” suffix. Several popular office suites such as Microsoft Word and the free-to-use LibreOffice and OpenOffice support this format. 


A free download can be found here.

How do I receive test Ether and test XES?

Because the test platform runs on the Ropsten Test network, switch to the Ropsten testnet by opening MetaMask, clicking on “Main Ethereum Network” and selecting “Ropsten Test network”.


Test Ether

In order to obtain free test Ethers (ETH), you can use the Ropsten faucet. Open MetaMask and click “buy” (or “deposit” if you are using an Apple computer). Click on “Get Ether”, this should open a page that allows you to request as many test Ethers as possible. It may take up to a few minutes until the test Ethers show up in your balance in MetaMask.


Test XES

Every user receives 10 test XES upon registration on the platform.


To check your test XES balance, you need to add the token to your MetaMask wallet. In the “Tokens” tab, click “Add token” and use the following inputs:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x84e0b37e8f5b4b86d5d299b0b0e33686405a3919
  • Token Symbol: XES
  • Decimals of Precision: 18

Where can I find detailed instructions about workflows, etc.?

We have prepared a user handbook here. It serves as a manual to all the available functionalities. We suggest reading the handbook from beginning to end and try out all the different features.

What’s the difference between Ethereum Mainnet and test networks?

The test networks for the Ethereum blockchain are an incredibly useful tool for easy and painless software testing. They are like cloned copies of the real blockchain, running on separate nodes. Ethers (ETH) in testnets do not carry any value and can be obtained for free from a so-called faucet. We use the Ropsten testnet as an inexpensive way to test our smart contracts and blockchain interactions. This means that you do not have to use your own Ethers (ETH) or Proxeus tokens (XES) for your testing activities. In fact, we strongly recommend using a separate wallet for testing purposes. In MetaMask, you can easily create as many wallets as you want and simply switch between them.

Do I need to build a workflow in order to register documents on the blockchain?

The workflow builder allows anyone to define all the relevant information needed from the different parties involved in a particular process. The workflow builder contains three elements: templates, forms and conditions. With these three elements, it is possible to replicate complex workflows any other registration processes where inputs are required from several participants.

How does the verification feature work?

The verification tool enables you to check the authenticity of any documents that have been issued by a particular certifier. By dragging-and-dropping the document on the verification window, it is possible to find out within a few seconds if a document is authentic: if the verification was successful and the document is indeed registered on the blockchain, a green check will appear. If the verification was unsuccessful, the tool shows a red warning.

Who can verify the authenticity of the created documents?

Anyone that is in possession of your created document and has access to the platform, can verify the authenticity of the document.

Can I share my workflows with others?

Yes, workflows can be shared. However, the sharing feature is designed for experienced users who would like to collaborate with other users or publish their work for others to use or copy. More details can be found in the handbook.

Can other testers view/edit my workflows, forms and templates?

Unless you share your workflows, the workflows, templates and forms you create are only visible to you.

Will my documents, workflows, templates and forms be saved if I log out?

Yes, all documents, workflows, templates and forms that you created will be saved on the server. However, Proxeus reserves the right to delete all data at any time.

Is there a bug bounty?

We are not running a bug bounty at the moment. With your valuable feedback, you are contributing to a project that will be open source and freely available to the community. If we run a bug bounty in the future, your contributions will be considered.

How can beta testers get personal support?

We’re kindly asking you to try and look for answers in this FAQ and the handbook first. If you’re stuck, a group of early users is happy to answer your questions at Please keep in mind that this group of developers and product specialists works on a voluntary basis and we do not provide 24/7 technical support.

Will the Proxeus application be released as open-source software?

Yes, the code of the framework will be released upon the due completion of the project. However, the XES token will be non-removable.

Can I still use the Proxeus storage application?

The local storage application was an experiment and has been discontinued as several of its core elements have now been integrated into the main Proxeus application.

Where can I report feature requests and bugs?

You can use the email to open improvement and bug tickets

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