Interview with Guido Zeller

December 19, 2018

We talked to Guido Zeller, a developer who has been using the Proxeus framework to develop various applications and also presented his work at the University of Lucerne.

Who are you and how did you learn about the Proxeus project?

My name is Guido and I am active in the Business Integration field. I was looking for quite some time for a platform to extend classic workflows to blockchain applications. Meeting Antoine and Patrick, and hearing about their project at a Crypto Valley Association event, was an impressive experience. I then immediately started to develop my own applications on the Proxeus project.

Could you tell us more about the use-cases that you developed on the Proxeus framework?

I started to use the workflow builder and document generator in order to easily prove the authenticity of a learning certificate and therefore eliminate the administrative overhead of this lengthy process. I then focused on other use-cases, such as creating certificates for goods of value or leveraging digital signature in order to improve the coordination of several parties within a complex process.

What impressed you most about the application?

The flexibility of the Document Generator is very impressive. I particularly liked the way how you can activate fields depending on specific content.

Any other pieces of advice to our followers?

The ability to create dynamic forms is a strength — it is very interesting and useful to explore. Above all, the framework provides simplicity in the usually complicated processes that are workflows.

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