Bringing blockchain to the anti-doping world

June 6, 2019

Professional sport is a matter of national pride and results have considerable financial consequences. For this reason, this field is highly prone to fraud, which has led to the occurrence of several public scandals over the last years.

One of the key roles of anti-doping organizations is to prevent the materialization of a series of important risks: testing plans (who gets tested when by whom) can be leaked, test results can be tampered with storage servers can be compromised information shared between parties can be intercepted.

In this context, Zug-based company BlockFactory has joined forces with the International Testing Agency (ITA) to explore the possible applications of blockchain in the anti-doping space. In a CNN Money interview, the two organizations announce having used the Proxeus framework to prototype the digitization of the Therapeutic Use Exemption application process. Dubbed as the “WordPress of blockchain”, Proxeus is a platform empowering anyone to create document-centered blockchain applications.

Use case exploration: TUEs on blockchain

If an athlete has medical reasons to take a prohibited substance, he/she can apply to receive a certificate granting them an exemption for therapeutic use (TUE). Such exemption is given after consideration of an independent medical board and for a set prohibited substance, in a certain dosage, within a limited period. BlockFactory and ITA joined forces to prototype the digitization of the TUE request process using the Proxeus framework, enabling the signature of the document with a crypto-identity, combining the benefits of safe data storage with the advantages of blockchain technologies that make documents literally unforgeable.

The finalized TUE document can be easily verified on a drag and drop interface, which triggers the creation of a new hash. The system checks on the blockchain whether the exact

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